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Looking for a Potable Water Hauler in Your Area?

Here is the list at the California Department of Public Health Licensed Water Haulers.

Worried About the Effects of Chlorine on Your Garden?

This study might help you.

You need water but you’re not near Butte County California?

If you need water in another state or town, try

Does your household have a well?

The U.S. Geological Survey has a bulletin that might be helpful here.

How much rain so far?

If you’re curious about how this winter’s rainfall compares to past years, this is a great chart.

Do you operate a water truck in another area?

If you have a water truck service in another area, I would be glad to list you here. Maybe my phone will stop ringing for people in other counties, and states. Just send me an email with your name, city and phone number and I’ll get it on here somewhere as soon as I can.

Butte Water Truck Service (530) 589-0645